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The Maison de Champagne Billecart-Salmon, founded in 1818 in Mareuil-sur-Ay, is rich in its history. At every stage of its existence, the men at the head of the Maison Billecart-Salmon have been able to innovate and keep their champagne up-to-date. Indeed, they have been able to raise the quality of their champagne production to an extremely high level and the Maison Billecart-Salmon now offers a complete and sophisticated range. In 2018, the Maison celebrated its 200 years of independence and savoir-faire.

If the wine Brut Réserve, awarded "Best Brut in the World" by the famous guide Decanter, is a beautiful classic, the cuvée Brut Nature is remarkable for its purity and elegance. The champagne Brut Sous Bois displays an impressive technical mastery with a very precise use of the oak barrel. The Vintage is a more mature and powerful champagne, as is the Brut Rosé, the emblematic cuvée of the house, which is very fruity and dense.

Billecart-Salmon Champagne: The Art of Excellence

Billecart-Salmon's Know-How is much more than a simple tradition; it is a heritage passed down from generation to generation, an exceptional instinct that has shaped every bottle since the house's beginnings. From the passionate founding couple to the 7th generation succession, the commitment to quality and excellence remains constant.

Billecart-Salmon Style: Finesse and Elegance

The style of the house of Billecart-Salmon is characterized by finesse, elegance, and freshness. Each cuvée is the result of meticulous attention, aiming to sublimate the aromas and textures.

Billecart-Salmon Vineyard

The Billecart-Salmon vineyard extends over more than 100 hectares, mainly on the Montagne de Reims, the Côte des Blancs and the Vallée de la Marne. The house practices sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture, thus ensuring the quality and typicity of its grapes. This exceptional terroir, combined with a rigorous selection of plots, allows for the production of high-quality grapes, essential for the creation of exceptional champagnes.

Meticulous Vinification

Vinification at Billecart-Salmon is a true art. The house uses a combination of stainless steel vats and oak barrels to ferment its wines, thus preserving the purity and freshness of the aromas while adding additional complexity. The house also practices partial malolactic fermentation, which gives a silky texture and great aromatic complexity. Billecart-Salmon champagnes are aged on lees for many years, providing unparalleled depth and richness.

Florent Nys: The Cellar Master

Under the expert guidance of Florent Nys, the current cellar master, each Billecart-Salmon champagne benefits from meticulous attention at every stage of its production. His know-how and dedication guarantee the excellence of each bottle, thus perpetuating the house's tradition of quality.

The Billecart-Salmon Family: A Family Heritage

The house of Billecart-Salmon has remained a family business since its founding in 1818. The Billecart family has managed to preserve the values of the house while innovating to meet the expectations of contemporary champagne lovers. Their commitment to maintaining high-quality standards is reflected in every bottle.

The Cuvées of the Billecart-Salmon Range

Billecart-Salmon offers a varied range of cuvées, each with its own characteristics and prices.

  • - Brut Réserve: A balanced and elegant champagne, ideal for all occasions.
  • - Brut Rosé: The house's emblematic cuvée, recognized for its finesse and delicate red fruit aromas.
  • - Blanc de Blancs: A champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay, offering fresh and delicate aromas.
  • - Vintage: A vintage champagne, from the best years, offering unique richness and complexity.
  • - Cuvée Elisabeth Salmon: A prestige rosé, dedicated to one of the house's founders, offering intense aromas and an exceptional structure.
  • - Cuvée Nicolas François: A tribute to the house's other founder, this champagne is a model of depth and complexity.
  • - Brut Sous Bois: A unique cuvée, entirely vinified in oak barrels, offering rich aromas and a silky texture.

Prices of Billecart-Salmon Champagnes

The prices of Billecart-Salmon champagnes vary depending on the cuvée and the year. The Brut Réserve is generally available for around 40 to 50 euros per bottle. More prestigious cuvées such as the Brut Rosé and the Blanc de Blancs can reach between 60 and 80 euros. For exceptional cuvées such as the Cuvée Elisabeth Salmon and the Cuvée Nicolas François, prices can range from 100 to 200 euros, or even more for rare vintages.

In 1999, a significant event reinforced Billecart-Salmon's reputation for quality: the award of the "Millennium Champagne" title to the house's 1959 Brut cuvée. This prestigious distinction was awarded during a blind tasting of 150 vintages from the greatest houses, confirming Billecart-Salmon's place among the best champagne producers.

The year 2018 marked the 200 years of independence and know-how of the house of Billecart-Salmon. To celebrate this exceptional anniversary, a limited-edition cuvée was created: the '200' cuvée, with only 1818 magnums available worldwide.

Why Choose Billecart-Salmon Champagne?

Choosing Billecart-Salmon Champagne means opting for a prestigious champagne, crafted with passion and expertise. It is the ideal cuvée for celebrating major events or for offering an exceptional gift to a champagne connoisseur.

Billecart-Salmon Champagnes: good to know

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