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La maison Bollinger is one of the most demanding in Champagne. It has been crafting vineous and powerful champagnes, partly vinified in oak barrels, since 1829. The Bollinger vineyard originates in the village of Aÿ, a village classified as Grand Cru, where the historic vines are located, including the one used for the production of Vieilles Vignes Françaises, an absolutely unique brut millésime champagne. In fact, it is one of the rare vines that survived the phylloxera epidemic that struck Champagne at the beginning of the last century. The Bollinger estate has become a master in the art of vinifying pinot noir. Its champagnes are the reflection of this strong bond between the house established in Aÿ, near Épernay, and pinot noir. The best example, and perhaps also the most unexpected, is the Côte aux Enfants, a still red wine, produced from pinot noir from a vineyard located at the foot of the estate.

The Special Cuvée is the emblematic product of the Bollinger brand. It is a mature and fleshy champagne that offers a beautiful freshness and fruity notes. One of the best bruts in its category! The vintages of the house approach perfection with La Grande Année which evolves on dense, intense and powerful aromas, and La Grande Année Rosé remarkable for its gourmandise and character. Finally, the very rare R.D. (for recently disgorged) exhibits its insolent freshness and its complexity which sign a great champagne. Tasting it is a priceless experience!

Why is Champagne Bollinger different?

Champagne Bollinger is a name synonymous with elegance and sophistication. But what makes this champagne so distinctive? We will explore the secrets behind this prestigious nectar.

A link with James Bond

Champagne Bollinger is famous for its association with the world's most famous secret agent, James Bond. Since "Live and Let Die" in 1973, Bollinger has become the official champagne of 007, adding a touch of glamour and adventure to every bottle.

The Bollinger style: a unique signature

The Bollinger style is defined by an unmatched richness and complexity. It is characterized by aromas of ripe fruit, brioche and hazelnut, offering a singular aromatic signature. This unique style is the result of meticulous attention to detail and a know-how transmitted over the years.

An exceptional vinification

At Bollinger, vinification is an art. The house uses a high proportion of reserve wines, sometimes aged for more than 15 years, to create a depth of flavors. The wines are fermented in oak barrels, a rare practice in Champagne, which gives subtle aromas and a complex structure. Moreover, the aging on the lees is extended, sometimes up to twice as long as the appellation standards, bringing a silky texture and a great aromatic breadth.

The Bollinger vineyard

The Bollinger vineyard extends over 178 hectares, mainly located in the Grands and Premiers Crus of the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs. This exceptional terroir, combined with sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture, ensures the production of grapes of the highest quality, essential for the creation of Bollinger champagnes.

The cellar masters: guardians of excellence

The role of the cellar masters at Bollinger is crucial. From Joseph Bollinger to Denis Bunner, each cellar master has brought their own expertise and vision, while respecting the traditions of the house. Their dedication and passion guarantee that every bottle of Bollinger reflects the excellence and authenticity of the house.

The cuvées of the Bollinger range

Bollinger offers a varied range of cuvées, each with its own characteristics and prices.

  • Bollinger Special Cuvée: A champagne of great finesse, ideal for special occasions. Complexity and depth are present.
  • La Grande Année: A vintage champagne that offers an exceptional tasting experience with rich aromas and a balanced structure.
  • Bollinger R.D.: This champagne, aged on the lees for many years, brings an unparalleled depth and intensity, perfect for memorable celebrations.
  • Bollinger Rosé: A delicate rosé champagne with aromas of red fruits, ideal for accompanying refined dishes.

The prices of Bollinger champagnes

The prices of Bollinger champagnes vary depending on the cuvée and the year. The Bollinger Special Cuvée is generally available for around 50 to 60 euros per bottle. The more prestigious cuvées such as La Grande Année and Bollinger R.D. can reach between 120 and 200 euros, or even more for rare vintages. The Bollinger Rosé is usually priced between 70 and 90 euros.

How to choose your Champagne Bollinger? ?

To choose your Champagne Bollinger, consider the different cuvées available. The Bollinger Special Cuvée is perfect for special occasions, with its complexity and depth. For lovers of vintage wines, La Grande Année offers an exceptional experience with its rich aromas and balanced structure. Finally, for a truly memorable celebration, the Bollinger R.D., a wine aged on the lees for many years, will bring an unmatched depth and intensity.

Bollinger Champagnes: good to know

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