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The house of Ayala was founded in Aÿ in 1860 by Edmond de Ayala, a keen wine enthusiast. His brother Fernand, who lived in London, became a close friend of the Prince of Wales for whom the 1865 vintage was especially designed with a very low dosage, and this is how Ayala became the official supplier of champagne to the Crown of England. This special vintage marked the birth of a range of natural champagnes made with no additional sugar. Ayala’s cuvee prestige– the Perle d’Ayala – is matured under natural cork closure; a pure, clean and delicately silky champagne. With its directness, its grace and its lack of artifice it perfectly expresses the personality of this champagne house. All the Ayala wines offer superb value, and in particular the Brut Majeur, a fruity champagne, dosed to perfection with no trace of sharpness.

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    Ayala Brut Majeur Non vintage Bottle 75cl

    AyalaBrut MajeurBottle 75cl

    « The Brut Majeur from the house of Ayala is an elegant, refined champagne »

    92 / 100 Guide Wine Spectator
    4.50 / 5 Customer reviews (21)
    26,95 £GBeach
    In stock
      Ayala Brut Majeur Non vintage Bottle 75cl Box

      AyalaBrut MajeurBottle 75cl

      « On the palate the Ayala Brut Majeur is all delicacy and precision, perfectly dosed »

      92 / 100 Guide Wine Spectator
      4.50 / 5 Customer reviews (21)
      28,95 £GBeach
      In stock
        Ayala Brut Majeur Non vintage Magnum 150cl Nu

        AyalaBrut MajeurMagnum 150cl

        « A superb magnum offering fruity and sunny notes »

        92 / 100 Guide Wine Spectator
        4.50 / 5 Customer reviews (21)
        68,95 £GBeach
        In stock
          Ayala Brut Nature Non vintage Bottle 75cl Nu

          AyalaBrut NatureBottle 75cl

          « The cuvee Brut Nature is tense and extremely elegant with an agreeable touch of fruit »

          16.5 / 20 Guide Jancis Robinson
          4.90 / 5 Customer reviews (7)
          32,95 £GBeach
          In stock
            Ayala Rosé Majeur Non vintage Bottle 75cl Box

            AyalaRosé MajeurBottle 75cl

            « A cuvée which deploys very beautiful aromas of red fruits and small berries »

            90 / 100 Guide Wine Spectator
            4.40 / 5 Customer reviews (5)
            39,85 £GBeach
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            • Limited series
            Ayala Cuvée n°7 2007 Bottle 75cl Presentation pack

            AyalaCuvée n°7Bottle 75cl

            « A perfectly ripe cuvée, made from Grands Crus and the 2007 vintage »

            63,95 £GBeach
            In stock
              Ayala Blanc de Blancs 2013 2013 Bottle 75cl Box

              AyalaBlanc de Blancs 2013Bottle 75cl

              « A champagne full of freshness, liveliness, perfect for an aperitif »

              17.5 / 20 Revue du Vin de France
              5.00 / 5 Customer reviews (2)
              49,95 £GBeach
              In stock
                Ayala Perle d'Ayala 2006 2006 Bottle 75cl Nu

                AyalaPerle d'Ayala 2006Bottle 75cl

                « An ample and expressive cuvée that will appeal to great champagne lovers »

                3 stars Guide Le Point
                16 / 20 Guide Bettane & Desseauve
                74,90 £GBeach
                In stock