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Founded in 1808 by Apolline Henriot, the House of Henriot has been crafting precise cuvées for over two centuries that tell the story of its vineyard and reflect the beauty of Champagne. Paying great attention to the respect of the vine and nature, the House of Henriot launched in 2020 the Alliance Terroirs project. A project that is structured around three axes: the knowledge of terroirs, the adaptation of viticultural practices to each terroir, and the sustainability of Champagne.

The Brut Souverain perfectly illustrates the style of the House of Henriot. The first cuvée to be created in the history of the House, it reveals round aromas and a pleasant freshness on the palate. The Brut Rosé evolves in a similar vein, with airy notes and a delightful lightness. The Blanc de Blancs Henriot offers a refreshing quality with pleasant citrus notes, while the Millésime offers more mature and rounded flavors. Finally, L’Inattendue 2016 is an unprecedented creation that boasts immense minerality and remarkable precision.

    Henriot Champagne - L'Inattendue 2016 - Bottle 75cl - Box

    Henriot Champagne
    L'Inattendue 2016 Bottle 75cl - Box

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    Champagne Henriot: Excellence and Tradition

    Champagne Henriot is an iconic Champagne house based in Reims, founded in 1808. Recognized for the finesse and elegance of its cuvées, the house of Henriot embodies the Champagne region's know-how and history through seven generations. Each bottle is a testament to the excellence and commitment to quality that characterize this historic house.

    The Henriot Style

    The style of Henriot champagnes is marked by a predominance of Chardonnay, offering wines of great purity and elegance. The cuvées are distinguished by their subtle aromas, freshness, and complexity. This unique style is the result of meticulous work at each stage of winemaking, reflecting the house's philosophy: to combine tradition and innovation to create exceptional champagnes. The house has successfully integrated sustainable practices over the years, respecting the environment while maintaining impeccable quality.


    Winemaking at Henriot is an art, led by the talented cellar master Alice Tetienne. Each cuvée is the result of a precise blend of wines from the best crus of Champagne. The grapes are carefully selected and vinified to express the full richness of the terroir. The house favors a long aging period in the cellar, allowing the champagnes to develop complex aromas and a silky texture. Even today, the historic cellars of the house are used to store the wines, offering ideal aging conditions thanks to their constant humidity and temperature.

    The Owning Family

    Until 2022, the house of Henriot remained a family business. In September 2022, Artémis Domaines, the holding company of the Pinault family, merged with Maisons & Domaines Henriot to create a new group. Then, in March 2023, Artémis Domaines sold Champagne Henriot to Terroirs et Vignerons de Champagne (TEVC), the owner of the Nicolas Feuillatte brand, for an undisclosed amount.

    The Cuvées of the Henriot Range

    Henriot Brut Souverain

    The Brut Souverain is an emblematic cuvée of the house, combining freshness and complexity. Ideal for all occasions, this champagne is distinguished by its aromas of white fruits and flowers. It is often recommended for aperitifs and can accompany a wide variety of dishes.

    Henriot Blanc de Blancs

    The Blanc de Blancs is a celebration of Chardonnay, offering notes of lemon, green apple, and white flowers. Its creamy texture and mineral finish make it a perfect choice for lovers of refined champagnes. This cuvée is particularly appreciated for its ability to enhance seafood and fish-based dishes.

    Henriot Rosé

    The Rosé from Henriot is a harmonious blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, offering aromas of red fruits and a fresh, elegant palate. Perfect for accompanying a meal or celebrating a special moment, it is also ideal for desserts with red fruits.

    Henriot Millésimé

    The Millésimé is a prestige cuvée, produced only in the best years. Each vintage reflects the unique characteristics of the harvest year, offering champagnes of great depth and complexity. Lovers of millésimes will appreciate the structure and longevity of these wines, perfect for privileged tasting moments.

    Henriot Cuvée Hemera

    The Cuvée des Enchanteleurs, now renamed Cuvée Hemera, is the jewel of the house of Henriot, produced from the best crus and aged for at least ten years. This cuvée offers a rich aromatic palette and an exceptional length on the palate, perfect for great occasions. It is often associated with delicate dishes and haute cuisine.

    The Prices of Champagnes Henriot

    The range of Henriot champagnes offers options for all budgets, from accessible cuvées like the Brut Souverain to prestige cuvées like the Cuvée Hemera. The prices vary according to the rarity and quality of each cuvée, ensuring an excellent quality-price ratio for each bottle. For example, the Brut Souverain can be found for around 35-40 €, while prestige cuvées like the Cuvée Hemera can reach several hundred euros, reflecting their exclusivity and exceptional quality.

    The DNA of the House of Henriot

    The soul of the House of Champagne Henriot lies in its production of Grands Blancs wines. A significant proportion of its cuvées are Premiers and Grands Crus from the best Chardonnay parcels. The wines of the house of Henriot are from the Champagne soils where the chalk is the purest, conferring a particular minerality. It is the Cuve 38 that best represents the fresh and intense maturity of the Grands Blancs de Champagne. Within the house of Henriot, the Blanc de Blancs cuvée is inscribed in a spirit of pleasure: gourmand and pure.

    The Assemblage of Henriot Bottles

    Absolute balance, this is the guiding principle of the Henriot family's style to offer their customers the best bottles. This delicate balance is based on the difficult equilibrium between the best grape varieties and the best crus. Each assemblage of the house of Henriot is designed to express the strength of the Champagne terroirs. In this spirit, the structure of Pinot Noir resonates with the luminous elegance of Chardonnay. Moreover, reserve wines have a significant share in each non-vintage Henriot cuvée, each of them having its own expressiveness.

    Henriot Champagnes: good to know

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    ↕️ DosageChampagne brutChampagne extra brut
    🍇 CépagePinot noirChardonnayPinot meunier
    📍 TerroirsMontagne de reimsCote des blancsAvizeCramant
    ⭐ VintageNon vintage champagneVintage 2012Vintage 2016
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