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Kosher Champagne, a production under strict control

Making kosher champagne requires high standards and many precautions. It begins with the grapes picked and delivered to the press. Only a practicing Jew can handle the bottles and validate that all the conditions necessary for the development of Kosher champagne are met. And the first point that needs to be scrutinized: hygiene. The vinification equipment is meticulously purified by the rabbi himself, who kosher the presses, pipes, vats ...

Then at all stages of winemaking, the rabbi must be present and make sure that no non-Jews handle the bottles of champagne. The rabbi is advised by the teams usually responsible for vinification so that the taste quality of the champagne is irreproachable.

The 4 distinctive signs of Kosher champagne

Some bottles of kosher champagne are called Mévushal, which means that they can be opened by a non-Jew and still remain kosher. This is the case when the bottles have been flashpasteurized by the rabbi, that is, passing a temperature of 89 ° C for a hundredth of a second.

A bottle of kosher champagne can be identified by the Beth Din logo or the KBDP logo that will be found on the Champagne cork, label, cap and collar.