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Written by Marie Servagnat on October 18, 2013

It is not always easy to consume alcohol and to solve the problem without for all that depriving yourself of a party with bubbles, several drinks on the market are intended for foodies who want alcohol-free bubbles but with the highest quality. Appointment ! For festive occasions, why go without bubbles ?

The Raisi-Bulle is precisely a drink that will suit this desire for sparkling pleasure. Craft drink, tasty, tangy and slightly carbonated, it can be consumed for all occasions, both by young and old, because naturally alcohol-free.

Created by the Pinard family, French wine growers for more than 3 centuries (in Foussignac in Charente), their family and traditional know-how is devoted in part to the service of the development of Raisi-Bulle. Commitment to organic farming since 1969 is the guarantee of a healthy and natural product. You too, let yourself be seduced, "without moderation", by the sparkling freshness of Raisi-Bulle!

Raisi-Bulle identity card

Raisi-Bulle consists of 99% pure grape juice and 1% bubbles by adding CO2

No added sugar: only grape sugar

No coloring: the golden color of Raisi-Bulle is natural

Without Conservative agent : the Raisi-Bulle is preserved by pasteurization

Naturally alcohol-free: it is made from grape juice that has not undergone any fermentation

Made from grape juice from Organic Farming

The grape juice comes exclusively from the 17 hectares of vineyard of the property: the Domaine de La Tour Vert

Raisi-Bulle Vintage 2012

Raisi-Bulle is not just a standard drink. Its objective is also to have an elixir shaped by time, since it is made each year with grapes from the year of bottling, to highlight the peculiarities of the grape varieties depending on the vintage.

2012 has been an interesting year for Raisi-Bulle. On the one hand, the drink is starting to make a name for itself among lovers of non-alcoholic sparkling wines or lovers of cocktails. Because we also note that this drink can very well be used to make its own cocktails (we will talk about it again). Then, the Raisi-Bulle bottle has a new label. More sober and discreet, it will undoubtedly make it possible to reach the attention of as many people as possible (yes, because the old label was more geared towards a young clientele).

The 2012 Raisi-Bulle vintage is totally different from what I discovered in 2009, which is comforting and shows that the drink holds and will hold some surprises over the years.

Tangy vintage

Raisi-Bulle 2010 is very interesting. 2010 is a year in which the wines are particularly acidic, which fundamentally changes the inspirations and taste destinies. From this acidity, the result is a "tangy" juice which perfectly balances the sweetness of the grape juice.

This tangy side is perceived quickly, being localized on the sides and below the tongue. Its persistence is a bit like the salty taste and gives freshness in the mouth. The 2010 cuvée will therefore be used for dishes that match these kinds of peculiarities, such as desserts or exotic dishes.

But nothing prevents you from trying and testing the marriages to best combine the flavors. As a result, Raisi-Bulle 2010 will be able to accompany you all year round, favoring the summer period to replace orangeades or other lemonades.

If you have not yet made your choice for the drinks that will honor your beautiful table during the end of the year celebrations, this non-alcoholic drink will be perfect for discovering a local product, which can of course be suitable for everyone. and all and marry alcohols for cocktail lovers. To supply you and know the retailers, go to the site of this sparkling drink without fermentation.

While waiting to introduce you to other fine productions from Pinard establishments, good tasting !