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Yes, it is trendy to talk about organic and sustainable development. But basically, let's not deny this fashion which is good, because it also allows you to talk and move mountains, however small they may be.
This attitude is also the guarantee of being able to continue for a long time to consume certain products which would risk disappearing without modifying their manufacture.

A green tasting: it smells of spring!

This weekend I had the chance and the opportunity to taste Pommery's POP Earth Brut, and it was not a champagne lover who made me taste it, but a fan of counter-culture, of organic cultivation and all that is eco-conscious.
Champagne is a really special drink, like the famous brut champagne from Maison Gautherot. And to counter the problems of the economic crisis, we can see the emergence of initiatives that are not without pleasing us, since it is possible to find cheap champagne, as well as novelties linked to the phenomenon of sustainable development.
Currently, the Champagne Houses are not only perpetuating the dreamy and charming aspect of champagne, nor the "bling-bling" side which is the spearhead of certain brands (such as the recent Angel by Mariah Carrey).
Many wine growers are concerned with creating a quality champagne by trying to optimize the grape varieties both for their taste and to help protect the environment.

Champagne and environment

A particularly delicious champagne is also found in this awareness, with biodynamic cultivation. The Champagne Pommery house is one of these avant-garde houses with their POP Earth Brut.
Although the name is tendentious (I would even say provocative), it is a real torch for the Pommery champagne house for the future, as it is the first to have obtained ISO 14001 certification (certification concerning environmental management).
A brut green champagne is not necessarily a young champagne.
Their wine has been growing "sustainably" for ten years now, thanks to waste management and limited water use and energy consumption.
POP Earth introduces the house of Pommery with a bottle of brut champagne that also uses a glass that is lighter than the glass of conventional champagne bottles (and therefore a reduction in pollution and energy during delivery) adorned with a paper label recycled and printed with water soluble ink.
Tradition, modernity, innovation

POP Earth is a tasty brut champagne that can be enjoyed day and night with friends. Champagne wine intended for pleasure, it is a teasing wine, which quickly becomes an accomplice to satisfy the most beautiful desires. I found it to be fruity with a lot of form and distinction. It was savored with a good preparation, and as an accompaniment to a few slices of a savory cake. Its color reveals pale gold reflections and fine bubbles. A fresh, fruity champagne. with a slight tangy tendency like apple notes.

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