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How to choose your sparkling wine ?

There are thousands of different cuvées in Champagne and almost as many producers, winegrowers, cooperatives and great houses combined. In the midst of this multitude of champagnes with more or less known names, more or less esoteric, more or less speaking, how to find the one who will know how to seduce you ? The most obvious solution is quite simply to taste, to discover the wines, whether it is with friends, at a wine merchant or even better directly at the producer, in his cellar. If champagne is a wine that travels quite well, it must be recognized that it tastes even better if it has not moved from its place of production. But when you don't have the opportunity to taste a cuvée, how can you buy champagne without making a mistake?

Choose the right advice about champagne

There are plenty of people and people out there to advise you, but not all advice is created equal. And if guides like Richard Juhlin's are a reference in the world of champagne, others are much more criticized. And what about magazines that many people blame for being under the influence of advertisers. A short tour of the horizons of wine lovers who can be trusted before making a purchase of champagne or wine.

Wine and champagne guides

They are called Hachette, Bettane et Desseauve, Revue du Vin de France, Parker… and they make rain and shine on the wine world. However, should we trust the champagne and wine guides ?

The press and wine journalists

They often work for guides, have an opinion on everything, love to hate and hate to love, wine and champagne journalists.