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Written by Marie Servagnat on October 31 st, 2013

In a recent post I told you about champagne-based cocktails, and to continue the momentum - even if reluctant champagne lovers - here are some cocktail suggestions that I tested and which will do very well for champagne lovers who want to open up to exotic horizons with bubbles!
In these times of "crises", brands and houses of champagne are living this period (let's hope that it does not last) with ups and downs. Whether it is an increasing activity for the Laurent-Perrier house, the hazards of Boizel-Chanoine, or the layoffs announced at Ruinart, some houses are passing the course by tightening their belts. But also by offering lower prices on certain vintages or even by distributing / selling through sub-brands and offering a cheap champagne but with a good quality / price ratio (such as Veuve Reuther champagne).
However, it is possible to find inexpensive champagnes on the Internet (buy champagne online), to create your own champagne cocktails or use classic cocktail recipes.

3 champagne cocktail ideas

And for tasting, do not put your cups in the fridge (this is to be avoided even for champagne other than a cocktail), nor your champagne, but use a champagne bucket. (tasting advice). Also, get a cocktail shaker !

The Kir Impérial cocktail

The Kir Impérial is "the" great classic of champagne cocktails, although it is more often offered from a crémant. Classic, it is a safe bet for those who do not want to take risks.

The ingredients of Kir Impérial

Ingredients per glass :

2 cl of raspberry or blackcurrant cream
Champagne (brut, or rosé brut by halving the dose of cream)

Preparation of the Imperial Kir

Start by pouring the raspberry or blackcurrant cream

Complete with the champagne which must be very fresh

The Cristal Champagne cocktail

Very refreshing, this Champagne cocktail contains peach cream and Whiskey. (I can see the faces of some aficionados of plain champagne from here).

The ingredients of Cristal Champagne

Ingredients per glass :

2 cL of peach cream
1.5 cL of a good whiskey
0.5 cL of squeezed lemon juice
Brut champagne

Preparation of Cristal Champagne

Put ice cubes in a shaker
Pour the peach cream, whiskey and squeezed lemon juice into the shaker
Shake it well ! 
Serve the mixture in the flutes
Extend with Champagne (brut) by pouring it delicately

The Champagne Soup cocktail

Although the name is strange, it is a delicious cocktail made from Champagne and Cointreau.
I got the basic recipe from a friend of Anger, who advised me to try the Angevine Soup, which is crémant based, and which I modified. But a priori this practice does exist, to have talked about it with several lovers of champagne cocktails. This cocktail is for a group of friends of 4 to 8 people.

The ingredients of the Champagne Soup

7/10 of Champagne 
1/10 of Cointreau 
1/10 cane sugar syrup
1/10 squeezed lime juice

Preparation of the Champagne Soup

Cool the champagne in a bucket of ice

Put the Cointreau, the cane sugar syrup and the lemon juice in a large mixing glass, in a large punch cup or in a salad bowl

Mix vigorously

Add the Champagne (brut) and mix very gently
To serve, use a narrow ladle and original glasses

Have a good tasting and don't hesitate to improve or enhance the recipes (with decorations, special glasses ...) and give us your impressions and the reactions of your guests !