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Vazart-Coquart Spécial Foie Gras Non vintage Bottle 75cl Nu



  • Grape varieties

    Chardonnay (100%)

  • Terroirs

    Côte des blancsChouilly

  • scale of crus

    Grand cru


  • Couleur:

  • Non vintage

  • Oak aged

    Aged in vats

  • Malolactic Fermentation :


  • Dosage:

    Sec (between 17 and 32 gr/l)


  • Aromas


  • Pairings

    Can accompany a whole meal

  • Serving température


  • Tasting window

    Tasting window20192022


The Spécial Foie Gras from the house of Vazart-Coquart is a champagne specially created to complement one of the best known French gastronomic specialities: foie gras.

It is a Blanc de Blancs champagne crafted from Chardonnay from the Grand Cru terroir of Chouilly, made in stainless steel vats and benefiting from malolactic fermentation, distinguished principally by its dosage of 30g/L, which puts it in the category “Sec”. This high dosage confers an indulgent touch of richness on this champagne perfect for foie gras.

Gleaming pale yellow with bright glints, this champagne is animated by a fine and persistent chain of bubbles.

The nose opens richly with brioche and crystallised fruit (lemon, kiwi, peach, pear and quince) and develops an array of aromas such as green apple, star anise, lime blossom, notes of chalk, liquorice and raspberries.

In the mouth the Spécial Foie Gras is deliciously round and silky, and the effervescence is creamy and refined.

The aromas are generous and expressive with white fruits balanced by a lightly acidulous hint of lemon and grapefruit and the finish is freshly elegant, spicy and mineral.

An exquisite champagne just made for foie gras !

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Richard Juhlin

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Reviewsof this cuvee

  1. Filibert K.December 23, 2017

    Spécial Foie Gras - nu - bottle 75cl

  2. Romane P.October 5, 2017

    Spécial Foie Gras - nu - bottle 75cl

  3. Eugéne S.June 21, 2016

    Spécial Foie Gras - nu - bottle 75cl

Format: bottle
Terroirs: cote des blancs
Scale: Grand Cru
Category of champagne: champagne sec
Type de champagne: Blanc de Blancs
Malolactic fermentation: Undergone
Cépage: Chardonnay