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Thevenet-Delouvin Chardonnay Non vintage Bottle 75cl Nu



  • Grape varieties

    Chardonnay (100%)

  • Terroirs

    Vallée de la MarneGrauvesPassy-GrignyCerseuilTroissy


  • Couleur:

  • Non vintage

  • Oak aged

    Partially oak aged

  • Malolactic Fermentation :


  • Dosage:

    Extra brut (between 0 and 6 gr/l)


  • Aromas


  • Pairings

    Ideal for aperitif

  • Serving température


  • Tasting window

    Tasting window20192023


This Blanc de Blancs is a rarity, for Thevenet-Delouvin are established in a region which is dominated by Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

It’s an elegant cuvee where the Chardonnay expresses superb characteristics thanks to oak ageing.

Thevenet-Delouvin make this Blanc de Blancs in extremely limited quantities.

Presentation of Isabelle et Xavier Thevenet

This is a highly original cuvee as the Chardonnay grows here on heavier earth (vallée de la Marne) than the chalky soils south of Epernay.
The result is a cuvee of grace, length, finesse and elegance where minerality and acidity are understated.
These wines come to maturity early and are above all very typical of their terroir. The Blanc de Blancs that is available now is the 2006 vintage, though it is not mentioned on the label.
The winemaking methods are similar to those used for the Cuvée Prestige, that is : the use of the « têtes de cuvée », and fermentation in stainless steel for part of the wine and in oak barrels for the other part. It is lightly dosed at 6,3g/l.


By Patrick Borras


The Thevenet-Delouvin Blanc de Blancs is a delicate pale gold with fine intense bubbles.


It offers discreet and subtle floral aromas followed by more fruity notes of citrus, such as fresh grapefruit.


It is fresh and well-balanced with an energetic effervescence and good vivacity.


This Blanc de Blancs is fine and delicate, perfect to bring a fresh note to your desserts. Best served at 9°C.

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Reviewsof this cuvee

  1. Montero E.April 27, 2014

    Chardonnay - nu - bottle 75cl

  2. Niels c.August 26, 2013

    Chardonnay - nu - bottle 75cl

  3. Stéphane E.August 9, 2012

    Chardonnay - nu - bottle 75cl

Format: bottle
Category of champagne: champagne extra brut
Type de champagne: Blanc de Blancs
Malolactic fermentation: Undergone
Cépage: Chardonnay