Pierre Gimonnet Rosé de Blancs Non vintage Bottle 75cl Nu



    • Grape varieties

      Chardonnay (100%)

    • Terroirs

      Montagne de ReimsCôte des blancsCramantOgerChouillyBouzyCuis

    • scale of crus

      Premier cru


    • Couleur:

    • Non vintage

    • Oak aged

      Aged in vats

    • Malolactic Fermentation :


    • Dosage:

      Brut (between 6 and 12 gr/l)


    • Aromas


    • Pairings

      Serve as an aperitif or at the beginning of a meal

    • Serving température


    • Tasting window

      Tasting window20192022


    The Rosé de Blanc represents something of a revolution for Pierre Gimonnet champagnes, who until now have produced only Blanc de Blanc champagnes.

    This cuvée, which is the gastronomic Brut of the house, is born of a particularly elegant blanc de blanc with graceful effervescence to which is added a Grand Cru red wine from Bouzy in order to obtain a light and delicate rosé champagne.

    The Rosé de Blancs offers a dainty pale pink robe of great purity. Delicate aromas of small red fruits join with fine citrus notes on the nose full of freshness and finesse.

    Light as air and delicately fruity, this Rosé de Blancs evolves in a lovely creamy register, followed by grapefruit and mandarin and finishing with elegant and persistent mineral notes.

    Presentation of Olivier et Didier Gimonnet

    With our new Rosé de Blancs we have dared to be a bit different in bringing a touch of colour to our champagne house which has for generations been famous for the quality of its Blanc de Blanc champagnes.
    But the purists can rest assured; they will recognise the signature of Pierre Gimonnet & Fils in this cuvée, defined by its purity, its freshness and its elegance. This Rosé de Blancs retains all the expression of our great Chardonnays, exceptionally nuanced with a new and lightly fruity note, created through the addition of a touch of Grand Cru Pinot Noir.

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      Rosé de Blancs - nu - bottle 75cl

    Format: bottle
    Category of champagne: champagne brut
    Malolactic fermentation: Undergone
    Cépage: Chardonnay