Pommery POP Earth Non vintage Bottle 75cl Nu



    • Grape varieties

      ChardonnayPinot NoirPinot Meunier

    • Terroirs

      Montagne de ReimsCôte des blancsVallée de la Marne


    • Couleur:

    • Non vintage

    • Oak aged

      Aged in vats

    • Malolactic Fermentation :


    • Dosage:

      Brut (between 6 and 12 gr/l)


    • Aromas


    • Pairings

      Ideal for aperitif

    • Serving température


    • Tasting window

      Tasting window20192022


    POP Earth is the perfect illustration of Pommery’s engagement to the protection of the environment.

    POP Earth is made with grapes from reasoned agriculture vineyards, which use the minimum of fertilizers and pesticides, but Pommery’s actions for the environment don’t stop there. The bottles contain 50g less glass each, thus reducing the CO2 emissions in the transport (1350 tons less), and the quantity of water used in the manufacture of the bottle has been reduced from 1.6 liters to just half a liter.

    The labels are printed on recycled paper using inks without solvents, and the POP Earth bottle is sold unboxed to reduce packaging waste. And finally, Pommery entirely revalorize their waste!

    POP Earth offers a beautiful pale gold sparkling robe, and a nebula of bubbles of great finesse.

    A refreshing champagne with fruit aromas, smooth and deliciously crisp with notes of apple.

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    Reviewsof this cuvee

    1. Bertrand S.February 17, 2013

      POP Earth - nu - bottle 75cl

    EAN Code: 3352370121371
    Format: bottle
    Category of champagne: champagne brut
    Malolactic fermentation: Undergone