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Larmandier-Bernier Latitude Non vintage Bottle 75cl Nu

Champagnes from this producer are available in the following restaurants:
Michel Bras (Laguiole) Georges Blanc (Vonnas) L’Assiette Champenoise (Reims) L’Arpège – Alain Passard (Paris) Le Petit Nice (Marseille) and 19 other starred restaurants (More information)



  • Grape varieties

    Chardonnay (100%)

  • Terroirs

    Côte des blancsVertus


  • Couleur:

  • Non vintage

  • Oak aged

    Oak aged

  • Malolactic Fermentation :


  • Dosage:

    Extra brut (between 0 and 6 gr/l)


  • Aromas


  • Pairings

    Serve as an aperitif or at the beginning of a meal

  • Serving température


  • Tasting window

    Tasting window20192023


Brut Tradition Extra-Brut from the house of Larmandier-Bernier is a champagne which offers supreme balance between freshness and fruit, enriched with a touch of vinosity, and is ideal as an aperitif.

This Brut Tradition Extra-Brut is made from 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir grapes cultivated on terroirs classed Premier Cru.

It is also a blend of several vintages in order to remain faithful to the house style, with the current year’s wines being vatted, then matured on lees before being blended with reserve wines which have matured in small barrels and oak casks.

Two to three years cellar ageing in bottle then follows for full aromatic development.

Larmandier-Bernier Brut Tradition Extra-Brut receives an extremely low dosage thanks to an excellent maturity and fullness.

This cuvee with its superb harmony between fruit and vivacity is the perfect choice for a cocktail party.


By Patrick Borras


Latitude from Larmandier-Bernier glimmers gold on gold with delicately fine, profuse bubbles.


It’s a champagne of great complexity of aromas – fruity, floral and fresh at the same time, with notes of white fruits, such as pear, white flowers and lime blossom, leading to hints of citrus for an elegant vibrancy.


The palate opens bright, clean and well-balanced, and is characterized by smoothness and suavity, with mineral notes on the middle palate bringing added complexity.


Serve as an aperitif at around 8°C.

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Format: bottle
Terroirs: cote des blancs
Category of champagne: champagne extra brut
Type de champagne: Blanc de Blancs
Malolactic fermentation: Undergone
Cépage: Chardonnay